Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reflection in the mirror

Good morning, it has been exactly one year since I retired from being a firefighter. For those that know me know that it was not just a career, but a major part of who I have become over the years. Growing up I ate, breathed, and slept fire department, just talk to my family. Many family events were missed as a result of my choosen way of life, which sometimes were not always understood but always accepted.
   As I looked in the mirror this morning I though about the reasons, some of which out weighed continueing my career. As I watch the roll reversal between my father and I, deep down I know that being there for both of my parents at this time is by far the right choice.
  In my heart I will forever be the the fireman, a man that considered himself very lucky to have the chance to not only be a part of something amazing, but a man that learned how important life itself truely is. I am very greatful to those that I not only taught me, but kept me safe. I hope that I was able to return the favor.
   As i bring this to a close for today I know that even though one of my passions in life has changed, it will be ok, for I know that my creative passions will fill that space and will help me to become the long awaited craftsman that I have deep down inside.

                                                                                                                          Michael McIntyre

A great man once said always stay low and stay safe!!

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